From Pastor Ed

Something about the Fall is always invigorating.  Kids and teachers return to school.  People are back from vacation.  Eventually, the weather turns.  Fall returns us to familiar rhythms of life and I am one who appreciates that structure.

Structure is also a good thing in the life of a Christian.  After all, the root of the word “disciple” is “discipline”.  And discipline allows us to be productive, conscientious, and organized.  Spiritual disciplines such as daily devotions, Bible reading, prayer, and worship together with our church family, allow us to grow deeper in faith over a great length of time.  Saints aren’t built in a flash of inspiration, but over a lifetime of increasing faithfulness and hope and trust in God.

I am very grateful for the wonderful examples of deep faith I know at KCC.  I am very aware that there are a thousand private victoriesover sin and fear and selfishness that go into shaping the soul of a saint.  But, of course, it’s those private victories that prepare a Christian for the public victories of faith.  First, we grow our hearts and bend them toward God’s will, and then we are ready for the challenge of living godly lives.

 I am reminded of Paul’s description of the Corinthian believers in 1 Cor 1:26, “not many were wise or influential or noble”.  What they were was chosen by God and that was enough.  Let us be grateful that God has chosen simple folks like us.  He means to remake the world and it appears that He is doing that far from the halls of power and wealth and fame by changing one heart at a time.  He loves us and He transforms us.  All thanks and honor to him!

As we move into the Fall, why not join a small group on Wednesday night or another small group Bible study?  You will be able to bless others with your wisdom and encouragement. You will be able to learn and deepen friendships.  I hope to see you there!

See you in church!
Pastor Ed Ezaki